The Process

Pharaoh WallpaperAllen and Judy Koessel create hand-crafted wallpapers by proprietary methods developed over twenty years.  The creation of a Koessel paper – unlike most wallpaper – starts with texture.

All Koessel designs are created on a textured, non-woven substrate, which is made from an eco-friendly cellulose fiber. It is breathable and more resistant to mold than traditional vinyl wallcoverings. Hand carved stamps and an array of unconventional tools are used to craft the most enticingly tactile wallpapers.  Patterns emerge as if sculpted from the surface.

San Ceres StampOnce the desired texture is achieved, a design is added to the paper. The texture is inherent in the non-woven paper,” says Judy. “We just bring the personality out of the materials.”  Organic and chameleon-like, Koessel patterns are intended to work in any décor.

Color is the next step in the Koessel design process. “Flash pigments” create a glowing “aura” effect.  Ground mica is also mixed with the non-toxic, water-based pigments and artisans work in tandem to blend colors.  Layers of transparent glazes give the color a rare iridescence and dimensionality. Brush strokes which are a signature of this made by hand product, add to the rich surface texture.