Product Specifications

Rolls of PaperAll  our papers are crafted by hand, creating random textures and subtle nuances which convey a “one-of-a kind” look.  Each dye-lot has its own unique color and shading characteristics. Be sure to order sufficient  rollage for each job, to ensure consistency in your installation. Paneling, where seams of the wallpaper are slightly apparent, is a characteristic of handcrafted wallpaper, and may be more evident on the ceiling.

Each Roll is 5 yards long. (4.57 meters) 
33.75 square feet

  • Wallpapers Air DryingWe package the paper predominately in DOUBLE Roll bolts (10 yds)
  • Special  put-ups are available as inventory permits or with a special order request.

The paper is shipped 30” wide. The installer must trim approx 1 ½” from both selvages for a usable width of 27”.  We touch the selvages during the manufacturing process to move the paper along the production line.  You will see finger prints in the selvages, but this is not a defect since the selvages will be trimmed off by the installer.